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A helpful workbook that has been designed to help you better understand what self esteem is and look at the signs of healthy and low self esteem. We consider factors that influence self esteem and develop ways in which to improve your self esteem. This easy to use workbook on self esteem is not to be missed.


11 reviews for Hire Self Esteem Today!

  1. James Bowker (verified owner)

    Very well written and really interesting!
    Keep it up!

  2. Anita Paropoulos (verified owner)

    Thoughtful, insightful and well written as always

  3. Colin

    Great news

  4. Bronwyn Richards (verified owner)

    Hire Self Esteem Today! is a useful and practical guide for every day. It is insightful and very easy to read. Highly recommend!

  5. Leanda Berry

    Thank you for this helpful workbook. It helped me set my boundaries.

  6. Rika Dye

    This book was so inspiring. It helped me understand myself.


    What a wonderful explanation of self esteem. I am definitely going to use self talk from now on. Thank you Rowene for your inspiration and your wonderful writing

  8. Al

    A well laid out practical workbook that will add value. It is so true that celebrating your accomplishments brings the reality home of your vision and dream being achieved.

  9. Heidi (verified owner)

    A very useful and easy read for personal development. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

  10. Charmaine Small

    Please “Hire Self Esteem” A must read for personal development and self-esteem. It is a Well written easy read.

  11. Lee-Anne Hodge (verified owner)

    Hire Self Esteem Today! is genius in its simplicity, as Ro Johnston gently breaks down a complex topic and presents it in an easy to read way that is easy to understand and implement. An absolute must have on anyone’s reading list.

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