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Hi my name is Rowene Johnston. Rowene, Ro!  The name which seems to start a thousand conversations. Other than how to spell my name, the origin, the pronunciation (in case you curious, it is ro ween) – the other conversation which tracks up thousands of verbal mileage is the stigma around mental health.

The stigma is real. It can diminish your self esteem, camouflage your identity and sideline your opportunities.

People living with a mental health disorder typically will not let others see their struggle, on the surface you may see a perfectly capable and calm person – but underneath the mask that person may be in panic or stress mode.

And yes, I know what I am talking about! After many years in the corporate world, I experienced the pressure and panic of the world. It seemed relentless. I did not share this with anyone – not my husband, my family, friends or colleagues. I was silent – imagine!

I remained stress tolerant and relied on my adrenaline to keep propelling me forward. When I experienced major depression and anxiety, I self-medicated and worked even harder to relieve the time pressures. I coped. I spent copious amount of conscious effort and energy, solving problems and developed coping mechanisms to master, minimise or tolerant stressors in my everyday life. I became a true expert at this!

Like you, there are parts of me that are incongruent. It may be that the chemicals in my brain are not working optimally or it may be that I have conditioned myself to be this way or it may just be that this is the way I am.

Whatever it may be – I am introverted and outgoing. I am gentle and firm. I am goal orientated and spontaneous. I am impulsive and have been described as calculated. I have a quirky sense of humour and I am often lost in serious thought.

I toe the line and swim upstream – comfortably. For example, many of us have been conditioned that life is hard – what nonsense! Life is designed to be filled with love, joy, peace and purpose.

Whatever the case, I have uncovered the secrets of what works (and what does not) in the field of mental health coaching.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life with a range of mental health issues with coaching and life skills development – and now I have the opportunity to guide and share these learning’s with YOU.

IT’S TIME YOU MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY – join me and I will show you how.

Your gentle guide


My grey clouds disappear when I bring sunshine to others

“My grey clouds disappear when I bring sunshine to others.”