10 Tips to BOOST your Mood!

Of course, we can’t always be in a good mood. Bad moods strike often for perfectly good reasons. It would be counterproductive to insist on always feeling upbeat and in a good mood. We need the once off bad mood to remind us how good it feels to be upbeat, positive and joy filled. While you can’t simply tune up the happiness dial or crank down the sadness lever, we can build in small habits to switch our attention and focus to a happy positive action.

When we develop this side tracking tool we increase the odds of shifting our mood and improve our ability to manage and shake off bad moods. I’m not always self-aware and sometimes catch myself having a pity party for one. A friend of mine calls these “zombie moments.” She says that she (for no apparent reason) wakes up grumpy, doesn’t want to brush her hair; she completely shuts down, isolates herself and switches to auto pilot.

Over the years she has learnt to find ways to distract herself from her “zombie moments”. She has a created her zombie antidote which includes putting on bright orange lipstick and wrapping herself in a large fluffy blanket and listening to her favourite playlist of uplifting songs.

I suspect we all have “zombie moments” from time to time. And I do believe that finding our own antidote could be life saving. I think it’s important to give ourselves permission to not always be happy, and to know that there are simple ways to improve our mood when we’re feeling down. I have compiled a list of 101 things that have helped me boost my mood, I am sharing 10 of these with you today.

I invite you to pick one or more of these ideas and try them out. Of course, customize them to your life and circumstance. But commit to making them a habit. I am confident that you will easily and effortlessly start to find meaningful improvement in your mood.

Tip 1
Wear socks that don’t match.

Tip 2
Re-read a favorite book.
My all time favorite is Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes

Tip 3
Call a good friend to just catch up.
Mine lives in Cape Town, South Africa and whenever we chat, if feels as if it was yesterday that we were carefree and spending time together

Tip 4
Wear colors that make you happy.
Even if it that mustard yellow top with purple polka dots that you have had forever – pushed to the back of your cupboard. Wear it!

Tip 5
Turn off your cell phone for an hour.
It’s so easy to get sucked into the messaging and what’s going on in the virtual world that we lose track of what’s happening in our real world. Set 1 hour aside to catch up with humans

Tip 6
Tell a joke.
My ‘go to’ joke is…
What is pink and fluffy? Pink fluff
What is blue and fluffy…pink fluff holding its breath (hahaha)
Laughter can cheer us up —and the best news is it doesn’t have to be genuinely funny to have a positive effect. So even when it seems like there’s absolutely nothing funny in all of this world, bursting out in contagious laughter might just shift your mood

Tip 7.
Lie on the grass, face upwards towards the sky – dream and drift away

Tip 8
Color in.
That’s right, get hold of some wax crayons and colour in to your heart’s content. I even have my own set of scented crayons!

Tip 9
Get some sun.
A boost of vitamin D can help keep the blues at bay. Head outside for a 20 minute break. If that’s not possible, find a spot near a window (and ignore stares from family members and or co-workers)

Tip 10
Send an “I appreciate you” message or thank you note.

Bonus Tip 11
Tickle yourself. (Thank you to Cares Crous for this fabulous addition).
Just be silly knowing that you now have more than 10 tips on how to boost your mood easily and effortlessly

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